Monday, January 29, 2007

It's been a long weekend

The only thing for it is a mound of chocolate and a stiff (yet smooth) drink.

Chocolate Weekend-end Comisseration Slice

3x mars bars, chopped
90gm butter
2 cups rice bubbles
1/3 cup dessicated coconut
1/3 cup sultanas
1/3 cup chopped mixed nuts (I used hazels, brazils and pecans)
125gm dark chocolate, melted

Melt the butter and chopped mars bars in a saucepan over a low heat until you have a gooey mess. Stir in the rice bubbles, coconut, sultanas and nuts, and mix till everything is coated nicely. Press firmly into a flat container (anything rectangular will do) lined with aluminium foil. Pour melted chocolate over the top and spread around as evenly as possible. Leave in the fridge as long as you can stand it and then remove from the container and cut into lots of small, dainty pieces. At this point, it is your privilege, nay, responsibility as the "cook" to eat the corner bits, as well as any broken or imperfect pieces.

Serve with large helpings of Frangelico, poured into an innappropriate glass (not shown).

Enjoy responsibly.


Anonymous said...

Hey, saw your link at The Age blog AMAL. I enjoyed scrolling through and feeling the Melbourne connection. I'm also from Melbourne, currently living in Paris and missing summer evenings down on Sth Melb beach.

p.s comment moderation will stop comment spam such as the above two comments.

Anna said...

First-time visitor, saw the link in AMAL, like algae girl did.

You do realise that now I'm going to have to try this slice?! That's just terrible.

Hehe, I notice some spam-commenters. I had so many I had to switch on comment moderation, so nothing gets posted without my say-so!

I'll be back for a better look around, when I'm not doing it on work-time.

Romantic-cynics - may we live forever.

susanna said...

like the above two commenters, i saw your blog link on the age website. your comments were intelligent (unlike some others on that particular blog) and i like your site. give my regards to london - i'm back in melbourne now but i remember those crowded tube carriages and grey winter days all too well. come visit me at my blog when you get a chance!

susanna said...

ps - you are very lucky if your boyfriend and noel fielding are in any way similar!

melbourne dreaming said...

Hey there! Thanks for the comments and tips, I have put comment moderation on now. How much does Spam suck?! I never got enough comments to warrant it before...

Love to the home of the Yarra and all who dwell on her fair shores.

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