Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I used to believe...

The internet is a strange place. It sometimes seems like it is a high-contrast version of reality - it is such a brilliant tool to have access to, but it is also capable of harbouring evil.

I love it when I come across something innocent and life-affirming on the web. There is too much badness in the world as it is. And no, it ain't, I can't stand that sappy sh*t - I will leave that particular site to the novelty-jumpered, tea-set-collecting "lay-dees" of the world. is a really cute idea, where people write in with the crazy things they used to believe when they were little and didn't know better. My own contribution was about how I used to think that, to learn a new language, you just had to get access to a "code-breaker", where A would equal (something), B would equal (something else), and that you could literally decode foreign languages letter by letter.

If only! Some of the stories are really cute, some are silly and some are plain crazy. There are some gems, though:

"I used to think that since the movie screens in theatres were so big, that there was a huge video player behind the screen and several people had to lift the gigantic tape into the player and then someone had to be shot out of a canon to hit the play button."

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