Friday, February 09, 2007

Cursing my lack of moon boots, toboggan and understanding clients

More snow in London, if you didn't hear already... loads this time! Proper snow, like. It was about 4 inches deep, enough for your feet to sink into with a satisfying crunch, leaving perfect platform-boot style footprints behind. After feverishly tossing up whether I could get away with pulling a "snow day", I decided I had no real excuse for not showing up to work, besides getting all tourist-y at the sight of the white stuff.

My street:

However, The Boyfriend and I took our time walking the long way to the tube station, via the woods...

...where the groundskeeper and his family live in this ridiculously cute house. And where Peter Rabbit frequents the vegetable patch and Enid Blyton comes calling for tea.

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