Friday, January 19, 2007

Sway my way

Woooooooo. Did I mention that I work on the 23rd floor of a building? A really tall building in the middle of one of the lowest-rise cities in the world? I only mention it because today the vertical blinds were swaying in a most sickening way. The pull-cord for the light was making lazy circles in the bathroom. If you stand still or sit on a fixed seat (ie. the toilet), you can actually feel the building swaying back and forth underneath your feet/butt. Quease-making.

In other extremely specific news, I am a very Bad Daughter. I forgot to call my Dad on his birthday recently (I was going to phone from work! then I got tied up! then it was too late! etc. etc). Sorry, Pops. When I find a card to match the funniness of "Rupert", I will send it on to you post haste. Meanwhile I will curse the time difference by shaking my fist at the moon. Sorry, I have been experiencing too much of that Boosh-love lately.

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