Wednesday, October 18, 2006

O Brothers, where art thou?

I consider myself extremely lucky to have my two younger brothers (whom I miss like crazy). Looking back, I do get nostalgic for my non-existent ghost sister; the one who would have gone shoe-shopping with me, taught me about make-up, and shared those female rites of passage (first period, first serious boyfriend, first heartbreak etc). I completely understand where Juliana Hatfield was coming from when she sang wistfully about missing her imaginary sister (who would have taken her to her first all-ages show).

But for the most part, I was happy to grow up tomboy with two younger brothers who cheerfully submitted to the odd dressing-up game and hair-style experiment. It was always great fun having siblings who would come out into the "deep" surf with me; who were always up for waterfights and paddock-exploring adventures; who would join me at a Beastie's gig when my boyfriend copped out; who would later ask me earnest questions about their girlfriends - and who occassionally gave me a brief glimpse inside the mechanics of the male brain.

Watching these two boys grow into men and try to negotiate their way through the adult world has been a privilege. When I hear the girls at work describe the vicious fights, the competitive bitchiness and the jealousy that defined their relationship with various sisters, I breathe a silent sigh of relief that I was blessed with my two easy-going bro's. The best thing is that I will always have these two blokes in my life, God willing. I so look forward to those days in the hazy future when they each find their path in life - getting married, setting up a home, maybe having some kids - so that I can see them become the men I always knew they would be.

Love you guys,
xxx Big Sis.


Laura Linger said...

"It was the Violent Femmes, and the Del Fuegos..."

Damn, girl! You like Juliana Hatfield?

I actually saw the Femmes at an all-ages show, circa 1986 or so, in Indianapolis. Their drummer is a really nice guy and an incorrigible flirt.

I have a younger sister, and the sentiments that Juliana expresses in that song are just eerie in how they capture the sister-to-sister relationship.

Lovely blog...I think I might have to add you to My List of Friends, Well Wishers, and Other Assorted Sycophants.

And who am I? Well, once I was Bleached Blonde. Now, not so much.

melbourne dreamin' said...

I luuurve Juliana Hatfield. The "Gold Stars" album is the only constant on my mini-pod, except for Tori Amos.

I remember when I was introduced to the Femmes in early high school, and feeling VASTLY inadequate in my music tastes at the time (Salt n' Pepa, anyone? Mariah Carey? Boyz II Men?!).

Glad you liked the blog. There seems to be a problem with leaving comments, though - not sure if this will work.

PS. Are you the Bleached Blonde of The Age comments page?

Laura Linger said...

Take heart...I have hundreds of readers on any given day, and it would appear that none leave comments. Au contraire. They leave them, all right...they just never really seem to save to my blog. Believe me, I write enough about politics that some braindead redneck all hepped up on crystal meth and love for Resident Bush cannot resist sending me hate mail. I hate Blogger.

Yes, I am THAT Bleached Blonde. She of the prolific and long-winded posts and (I am told) horrific American spelling habits.

Have you seen the episode of "My So-Called Life" (probably the most brilliant program in the history of television) where Juliana Hatfield stars as a homeless youth? It's amazing.

I was in college when Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men were really popular. I'm a singer, so I always greatly admired Boyz for their arrangements and outstanding harmonies. I also admit that I think that Mariah Carey's first record was fairly outstanding, vocals wise. I really like her cover of "I'll Be There," too.

However, I understand your feelings of disenfranchisement due to musical leanings. I always used to drive my roommates and boyfriends crazy with my musical tastes, which were as varied then as they are today, and looking back, rather sophisticated for my age and location. I used to listen to Chopin when I would work on my papers and assignments and my roommates would always holler, "We can't hear Beverly Hills, 90210! Turn that racket down!" I would yell back, "That show sucks, now that Dylan chose Kelly over Brenda!" (An almost-unthinkable blow to brainy artsy chicks everywhere. I'm still not over it.) And I would keep the Nocturne spinning in the CD player. I was always "The Weird Brainy Girl" anyway.

Here's a funny bit of trivia for you: the drummer for the Femmes told me that his favorite song is "Five O'Clock World" by The Vogues. And, of course, I ran right out and bought the Good Morning, Vietnam soundtrack because of that little tidbit.

Cheers, I'm glad that you included your blog address in your post. I'll be around, and as I said, I think that I will add you to my blogroll as soon as I get around to doing so.

Until then, piss off. (Blame Rik Mayall for my love of that phrase.) I should be working! ;-)

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