Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Good things, bad things, and slightly catastrophic things

Good things: Four excellent new CD's on their way to my mailbox (splurge-alert), visit home immiment, Christmas only 9 weeks away. Mars Bar slice goes down a treat at work.
Bad things: The world is most likely going to be in serious meltdown by the time my (future) grandchildren have inherited it. If it isn't already. Is anyone else scared?

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Little Min said...

Hi, just found your blog via loobylu. About your bad things...this has been the topic of my week, mainly because of the stern report being featured in the media (did you see the Guardian's summary?). I too am scared but have resolved to stay hopeful because otherwise, what is the point of being here now? We still have a little time to make some changes, and the March in Melbourne on Saturday is a start to let the PM know we care. Maybe there's something similar in the UK? Never felt so concerned until i had a little bub!

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