Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What's hot + what's not this Wednesday

Hot Dogs
* Halloween circus party decorating - so much fun! I spent the Friday night before blu-tacking up twisted crepe paper streamers in the kitchen to give it a Big Top vibe. The house looked ah-mazing thanks to the efforts of the entire household.

* Up. Saw this movie in Imax 3D and loved it. A funny and touching story of an old man whose attempt to escape the modern world is complicated by various hangers-on who refuse to leave him the heck alone. Finally, a pixar film for grumpy loners everywhere.

Plus, the old guy reminds me a lot of my Pa (not the grumpiness, just the big square jaw and glasses).

So long, suckers

* Miniature cupcakes. Little bite-sized pieces of heaven, and definitely worth the faff of carefully placing teaspoonfuls of mixture into what seemed like endless trays of tiny paper cups. Recipe to be posted soon.

* Party escape-hatches. I had some much needed time out upstairs with a friend at the height of the party, watching The Breakfast Club and discussing the various merits of Judd Nelson vs. Anthony Michael Hall (my vote goes to the reformed Nelson). Bliss.

* Hula-hooping! Joy in circular format.

* Short & Sweet. Free short films every Monday at Café 1001, Brick Lane - what could be better? Here's a taster:

Cold Cats

* Suspiciously tall and bum-fluffy trick-or-treaters with no costumes. Lame.

* Feeling a bit partied out and wanting to hibernate.

* The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. A grown-up fairy tale of pacts with the devil, virginal daughters, and unrequited love; as seen through an antique kaleidoscope while high on mescaline. As fantastical as it was to watch, it left me cold (as so many of Gilliam's films do). Made more watchable by a deliciously sly Tom Waits playing the devil.


* My lovely big SLR losing a bunch of pictures from the party - distressing! Fingers crossed it's just a senile memory card and not the end of a beautiful relationship.

* Not having anyone of the masculine variety to watch the utterly brilliant Series 4 of The Wire with.

Inspired by loobylu.


Claire said...

I'm making my way around the Hot + Not players a little slowly this week - but hello finally! :)
I am sorry to hear that The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus was not so hot. Glad the Halloween party at least looked gorgeous - sorry you got partied out :)

Nikki said...

This week you can hula hoop in the presence of Jarvis!

Check it:

London is truly amazing (if a little on the chilly side right now...)

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