Saturday, May 13, 2006

The month that ate my budget

I am already halfway through next month's budget, because of the following very necessary things:

1. New glasses (wow! I nearly fell over when he gave me the total cost of the cute Karen Millen frames + the glare-resistant lenses)
2. New prescription sunglasses (as above, also necessary for driving without careening into other cars due to glare)
3. Very cute green dress for upcoming wedding attendance (absolutely necessary)
4. New shoes to go with new dress as no current shoes will do (ditto)
5. Dentist appointment (teeth are doing fine, thanks!)
6. Hygienist appointment (gums are rotted to hell! That bleeding whilst brushing thing is NOT HEALTHY, apparently)
7. Our monumental Grocery Shopping Extravaganza, the total of which should be able to feed a family of 5 for a month, but in reality feeds me and the Boyfriend for about a week.

And our landlady wants to increase our (extortianate) rent. Yeeesh!

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