Saturday, May 20, 2006

In praise of sharing digital music

Yep, I'm a believer in sharing the love. Thanks to the ipod revolution, I have literally months worth of new listening material backed up that I haven't even got around to yet. I will be forever grateful to those lovely, lovely people who worked out how to fit a warehouse full of vinyl into your back pocket. I suppose this is what the big music corporations are worried about - that no one will buy new music because we can just copy all our mates files. Well, I am here to refute that claim. In fact, if anything, listening to all this new music has actually caused me to go out and purchase some new CD's which otherwise would have slipped under my radar - because as all music-boffins know, the quality of the music on a CD is far superior to the quality of a much-compressed and downloaded MPEG file.

Plus, there is just something so nice about owning the whole package, with the cover notes and the lyrics and the photos of the artist in varying states of coolness.

Some new discoveries include: Goldfrapp - Black Cherry (I never really got them before), The Delays, the Shins (as sprinkled liberally throughout the Garden State soundtrack), Paul Weller. And, of course, Ray Lamontagne. When I first heard this, I assumed he was some beautiful 70's hoarse-voiced crooner, in the Neil Young vein. But this was actually released in 2004 - and it is a lovely thing to have come across so serrendipitously.

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