Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Farewell, dreamers!

It's true - Melbourne Dreaming has come to a natural conclusion after its inception way back in March '06.

I no longer feel the need to keep everyone back 'home' updated on my various to-ings and fro-ings now that I'm back in their lives and just a train or bike ride away. There's also less to record, truthfully: less exotic travel, fewer gigs and events, less of the stimulation and variety that come from living in a bustling, global hub of a city. On the other hand, there's more socialising, more networking, more time spent outdoors and exercising, and rejoining the circle of my expanding family (did I mention I have acquired two lovely sisters-in-law and an impending niece/nephew?). It sounds boring; because it is - I needed more boring in my life. My life is less glamorous now, but more satisfying and settled.

And of course, I'm focusing on working for myself and putting a lot of mental energy into that. Now that I am fully engaged in generating my own work and juggling clients and projects, I no longer feel a need for the creative release of writing. I'm fully engaged in creating my own life, and it's grand.

You can still keep up with my professional profiles on facebook and twitter, plus I'll continue to act as social media coordinator for The Squeaky Wheel, so check out their feeds for bike-related posts.

Otherwise, feel free to browse the archives for recipes or stories from my London years (or the three wonderful months I spent in New York in 2008).

Thanks for reading, friends. Until our next adventure!


Kyabram Permi said...

Oh no. I will surely miss your blogs and your wonderful muses. Journey well and I will be in touch at the other place.

Andrea said...

Sorry I didn't get 2 read this till now!!! Melbourne Dreaming was a beautiful blog. Look forward to your next creation.

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