Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rainy Day Pickles

...or Lagab Nu Achaar (wedding pickle, apparently)

Shout out to the lovely Cyren for the idea and the recipe, plus the use of her nice big kitchen during the (rather messy) preparations.

100g dried dates
300g raisins
300g dried apricots, thinly sliced
2kg brown sugar
2kg grated carrots
250g jaggery (palm sugar)
750mls vinegar
50g grated ginger
100g garlic (I press this in the garlic press)
Salt to taste
15 dried red chillies
2 tbspns garam masala

Soak the dates, raisins and apricots overnight in 1 cup of the sugar and as much vinegar as you need to cover.

In a heavy bottomed pan cook the carrots, the remaining sugar, jaggery, and the rest of the vinegar on very low heat, stirring occasionally. When soft add garlic, ginger and salt until mixture turns sticky and syrupy.

Add the date, raisin and apricot mix and bring to the boil. Add chillies and garam masala. Remove from heat and pour into sterilised jars (sit clean jars in hot hot water or for 2 mins in a slow oven).

I've been including these in mini Christmas hampers, in pretty jars tied with ribbon and a hole-punched name tag cut from old cards.

Enjoy on a sandwich with cold meat (I have been) or with soft cheese. Scrum!


Kyabram Permi said...

Hi, is it possible to leave out the chilli as I am unable to eat them?

melbourne dreaming said...

Hi there, yep the chilli is totally up to the individual - I don't think it would make a huge difference, there are so many other punchy flavours going on!

Let me know how you go :) xx

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