Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shake it like a polaroid picture

Lately I've been feeling a little... restless. A little spike of existential angst is poking me in the side. I feel like I need to take off and drive away for a bit. Like I need to shake things up and toss them around like salad. Like I need to break free and cut loose and do something a little... dangerous. Not dangerous as in shooting-up-and-sleeping-with-strangers, but dangerous as in, unconventional and new.

Isn't it funny how you crave for things to be settled, and when they are you feel a bit... bored?

I read this article about how more women are leaving their marriages out of boredom than ever before, because we have the freedom to do that now, or because we are more narcissistic than previous generations, depending on your point of view. I think a few of my relationships have ended out of boredom and restlessness, especially when I was younger and more flippant about these things. It takes a great deal of discipline to stay with one person for ages, to just put your head down and trudge on through the crap bits.

Respect, crap-bearers! I never had a great tolerance for it.

In conclusion, it's time to try something new and different. Cute boy? Yes, please. Holiday? I'd love to, but it will have to be short and sweet. Learn a new skill? Hmm, sounds intriguing... suggestions?

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Kyabram Permi said...

I know a place that you would be welcomed with a great joy

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