Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fantasy Dating: Nerds-Done-Good edition

I'm taking a little break from online dating. The endless cascade of rejections was getting a little disheartening. Seriously, how do people survive this?! You need the skin of a rhino to withstand it, I reckon. It's certainly not for "sensitive young weeds" like myself (and Stephen Fry).

Back to daydreaming, where the men are hot, available and infinitely variable.

Bring on the charming geek-fest!

It's probably best to take your glasses off, Mr. Tempah. You can leave the bow-tie on, though...

Moss from the IT Crowd: the ultimate tech-geek, complete with "reboot" chime.

Um, hello STEVE URKEL?!

Ditto Neville Longbottom.

I wasn't sure about Michael Cera at first - he seemed so weedy in Juno, and like an effeminate Jesse Eisenberg in everything else - but I watched Youth In Revolt last night and I found myself won over by yet another understated dork-at-peace-with-himself performance.


Anna said...

I really want to know what vitamins Mr Matthew Lewis took before the final Harry Potter movie, cos DAMN!

As for the whole online dating thing... maybe we should paint the town red together one night and get onto the speed dating bandwagon. Should be good for a laugh!

melbourne dreaming said...

Hey Anna! I am ready to give up on the whole internet dating thing (at least temporarily while I recover from it), but I could be persuaded to give speed dating a go! You know my details, get in touch :)

Hope things are good with you lady.

xx k

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