Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Any Woman's Blues

Oh boy. This dating thing is all fizzy lemonade while you're not that emotionally involved; when it's all: "let's go for coffee! Yeah, I like Peep Show too. Oh, you like dark chocolate? Yeah white chocolate shouldn't even be CALLED chocolate". Once you've made yourself vulnerable though - this is not a euphemism, by the way, I haven't so much as smooched one bloke - and put your heart out there on that line, the pain of a million remembered heartbreaks comes roaring back. The pain that brings all your insecurities out of hiding and returns you back to that angsty teenage girl wailing to Tori Amos in her bedroom all over again.

Yup, it's time to put on some sad songs and wallow like a hippo.

Best comment under an Elliot Smith video: "everytime i feel depressed, i listen to this song. then i feel more depressed; it's awesome"

(worth repeating. *Sigh*)

1 comment:

Anna said...

Hell yeah, couldn't agree more. All my life, and even now, I find it very hard to open up, because that gives people the power to hurt me. So I don't. Well, not much. I can't help but keep a part of myself back, nice and safe, so that if or when it happens I know I'll be ok.

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