Friday, April 16, 2010

North London // South London

Boogaloo // Bugaboo
skinny jeans // rugby thighs
hi-top trainers // personal trainers
muggers // chuggers
hipsters // nippers
Tracey Emin quilts // Cath Kidston quilts
vintage // antiques
Pearly kings and queens // pearls and twinset
Cockney geezers // Wide boys
Camden goths // Croydon yobs

* * * * *
Any contributions?


Anna said...

This isn't related to your post, but how are things in London with the volcanic cloud? Our news reports show the UK is swamped, so I'm wondering what it's like on the ground.

In any case, hope things are going well for you!

melbourne dreaming said...

Hey Anna, to be honest the only issue is with people who had planned to fly in/out of London... for those of us here, the sky is blue and clear (no vapour trails, which is unheard of!), the weather is lovely, and it's very peaceful!

How are things in Melbourne town?

Anna said...

Ye Olde Melbourne Town is a touch quiet, at least for me. But lovely warm weather in the 20s this week is helping us all forget that winter's coming!

Hope your sage re. citizenship is moving along :)

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