Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Wednesday* what's hot + what's not


I have been talking up this brilliantly subversive little film since I saw it at Short & Sweet many months ago. A bit sad for Nick Park, but there again he has hogged the last four Best Animated Short Film Oscars.
Check it!

The Home Office
For getting my passport back to me in a speedy 6 weeks, despite their omerta-like code of silence surrounding the process. Now to get my teeth into the citizenship process...

Hayao Miyazaki
Saw Ponyo recently, and although it doesn't quite meet up with the mind-bending wonder of Spirited Away, it is certainly a beautiful film to be immersed in for a couple of hours. It takes a particular talent to capture the movement of a serious little 5-year-old boy, and Miyazaki makes it look so effortless. Sosuke reminded me a lot of the Little Prince: a gentle and self-contained little boy wise beyond his years.

The Little Prince


Studying for my Life in the UK test
Click on the link to get a taste of the ridiculousness - even the most British person in the office received a FAIL on the practice version. I haven't sat an exam in a long time, and I don't relish that long-forgotten feeling of dread and attendant procrastination.

My idiotic landlord.
If you get a package from me, Mr. Smith, I can assure you it won't be an early Christmas card.

*A tad late. Procrastination, etc.

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