Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Special Guest Recipe: Hot cross bun bread & butter pudding

I can't quite believe I was sunning myself in 36 degree weather mere weeks ago. The tan has yet to fade, but I've already slumped agreeably into my UK Winter diet - the one that consists of eating fatty foods pretty much constantly while gazing out at the grey world through a rain-splattered window. And before you raise your eyebrows at me doing the opposite of what most people are doing in January, I'm eating more in order to fatten myself up! So I don't die of cold! Besides, detoxing is a ridiculous waste of time. It's science, see?

Someone made me this improvised pudding last night. It was so good - fluffy and warming and delicious, and so easy even a big idiot could make it ;)

600ml milk
2 eggs
hot cross buns - 4 to 6, depending on size
butter/margarine for spreading
60g brown sugar
handful of sultanas
a few drops of vanilla extract
cinnamon/nutmeg to taste

Pre-heat the oven to 180 celcius. Slice the buns through the middle (ie. into top and bottoms), then butter lavishly and cut the pieces diagonally into triangles. Beat the eggs and milk together, then add the vanilla. Line a deep baking dish with a single layer of the hot cross bun pieces, sprinkle with some of the sugar and a little of the spices, then repeat until you run out of pieces. Pour the egg/milk mix over the top and bake covered in the oven for an hour, removing the lid for the last 15 minutes.

All for the cause, people. There are still several long months of Winter to go, after all.


Ouita said...

Sounds flippin awesome kel... i'll try this one :) ... though maybe not so apppropriate for 40 degree days in oz??

Anna said...

Hell yeah, mum and I did something similar last Easter. Fingers crossed we do it again this Easter!

By the by, also REALLY yummy with your favourite raisin/mixed fruit bread.

Anonymous said...
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