Monday, June 15, 2009

Two wheels good, four wheels make me grumpy

Now that the weather has turned decidedly Summery (yay!) and the evenings are so light, it has been more of a pleasure than ever to ride to work and around town on the weekends. It has gotten to the point where the bike feels so much a part of me that I find any other form of transport plain annoying. Walking? Nice if you've got time for it; but otherwise frustratingly slow and lacking in adrenaline. Jogging? Too ungainly and butt-shaking. The bus? Overcrowded, stuffy, slower than molasses... Tube? Forget it, I ain't getting back on a peak hour tube unless it's for a damn good reason.

Nothing tops the feeling of getting up half an hour later than the commuter crowd - freewheeling past the lines of traffic, zooming around corners and sneaking through red lights with the pedestrians - to breeze into work warm and pink-cheeked.

Deck chair couple in Green Park

I don't ever want this Summer to end!

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