Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cupcakes, Gandalf and flying pans

What a week! I have: seen the gorgeous Fleet Foxes at the Roundhouse, turned 32, copped a frying pan in the shoulder, consumed outrageous quantites of cake, had a close encounter of the celebrity kind, been immortalised in song at my flatmate's album launch and *inhale* started volunteering at a local primary school (just one morning a week at this stage).


The best thing? Overhearing a couple of the Year 5 students talking about me and saying that they wished I was their teacher.

The second best? Having Happy Birthday sung to me by Gandalf (more commonly known as Sir Ian McKellen) at my work birthday lunch. We were having a perfectly pleasant time sitting at a local café enjoying our meals, when he walked past the big window overlooking the courtyard. As he made his way into the restaurant, we used our awesome powers of casual observation and spied Dame Judi Dench at another table, and Patrick Stuart (Mr. "Make it so") tucking into his sandwich in the canteen area. Apparently Simon Callow was there too, although I didn't recognise him without the crazy hair and kilt.

Anyway, when our table started singing Happy Birthday, everyone at the restaurant joined in and apparently Ian turned around in his seat to sing along. I was – regrettably - facing away from him at the time. Can you Adam and Eve it?!

The worst thing: the frying pan incident, involving an over-head rack and a poorly hung frying pan connecting with my shoulder on the way down. Just served to reaffirm my life-long belief that housework kills.


The Girl said...

Congrats on the volunteering - you won't regret it! And Gandolf huh - I once saw 'Harold Bishop' at the Glen Subway ... seriously not even close huh? :)

Anna said...

You had a birthday? Congrats! How cool that everyone sang for you :)

May you have many more birthdays, and many more good times :D

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