Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Hot List*

1. Jemaine Clement & Bret McKenzie
Geeks + facial hair + the funny = volcanic hotness (nb. they only work as a pair).

2. Dave Grohl (circa 1997)
It's the combination of the rocker hair and the goofy smile.

3. Gael Garcia Bernal
Gael has the stunning eyes and exquisite cheekbones (and is definitely in touch with his feminine side)...

4. Benicio Del Toro
...but Del Toro has the hulking presence, the squint, and the dangerous streak.

5. Dylan Moran (as Bernard in Black Books)
Grumpy, surly, Irish, drunk - and all the more lovable for it.

* * * * *

Special Mentions

6. Jason Schwartzman
Love the eyebrows. And the eyes staring out from beneath them.

7. Zach Braff
Cute, funny, well-written. Ka-ching!

8. Richard Gere (in An Officer and a Gentleman)
Jesus, I never knew what the fuss was about until I watched this for the first time just recently.

* * * * *

Weird but good

9. Andrew WK
The wildcard - a piano-playing metal-head with brains. Lethal!

10. Jon Heder
Girly, goofy, mormon - yet hot.

11. Noel Fielding/Vince Noir
I know I'm not alone on this one.

12. Chevy Chase in the 70's
Those sideburns. That smirk. Ouch!

* * * * *

*you know, the 5 people you're allowed to cheat on your partner with if said crush was to happen to be in town and you happened to be sitting in the same bar and were drawn towards each other by an IRREPRESSIBLE force of nature. But I seem to have accumulated 12.

Whaddaya gonna do with all the hotness in the world?


The Girl said...

LOL! Definitely agree with Dylan Moran!! My list keeps growing too - maybe we need to start a lobby group?

Maffy said...

Ooh, we've got some overlaps here between your list and mine. Dave Grohl absolutely. Jemaine and Bret for sure, depending on my mood.

Hm, maybe you should put out the challenge, start a meme, get people to share their choices!

melbourne dreaming said...

I don't know what a meme is - but I am all up for communal hot-list making! :)

scrappy traveller said...

...currently working on my own hot list..time to update this one x Kylie

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