Sunday, May 04, 2008

I see a boundary, I eat a boundary

A few more "firsts" to add to my ever-expanding list:

1. First time dialling "911". Or any national emergency number for that matter. But 911 is the coolest, right?

2. First time in an ambulance (no sirens! Dammit).

3. First time in an ER. I was the only female patient on the ward, strangely.

4. First time on morphine (I do NOT recommend it. Two nights later: horrific nightmares/visions when I closed my eyes.)

5. First CAT scan.

6. First appendectomy.

Alright God, I promise to stop having such a damn good time if you could just see your way clear to letting me have some good health now. I think I've earnt it.


susanna said...

I too had my first (and hopefully last) cat scan this year. Turns out the stress headaches are just that. I hope you are OK miss.


PPS: You mentioned Superted a few posts back. Chris was playing the song (don't ask me how he got hold of it) the other day, and I laughed at the 'thrown away at a piece of old rubbish' line and thought of your post.

Anna said...

You had appendix issues?!?! Good lord, I hope you're well on the mend now.

melbourne dreaming said...

SuperTed! I love that crazy 80's bear. Thanks for the well wishes, girls... I am doing much better now than a few days ago. Seeing Flight of the conchords helped heal me faster ;)

x k

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