Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Music to recover from non-specific illnesses by

I am slowly getting back to wellness. I can't believe how often I have been sick lately, and how long the subsequent recovery takes. Truly pathetic. Body, if you were a car, I would so trade you in. Or at least replace the lungs with some proper, functioning bellows. According to various sources, the poor state of my health can be attributed to: my advancing years; the pollution in London; my chocolate-laden diet; vengeance from God for being such a brazen internet-dating hussy; and/or not breathing deeply enough.

As my friend Andrea would write (in her endearingly phonic way): enuff!

At least the downtime gave me some time to sit down and listen to some albums I have been neglecting - namely the brilliant In Rainbows by a ragtag bunch you may have heard of who go by the name of Radiohead; The Reminder by Canadian songstress Feist* (which had me dancing frenetically around the lounge room with the unfeasibly boppy Sea Lion) and My Dancing Heart by a bearded anti-folkster who calls himself Blabbermouth. Oh god, it's all about the facial hair lately. I don't think we need to go into my stalker-eque obsession with the Flight of the Conchords boys at this juncture.

Go forth and listen, yea verily! Ah, the joy of Myspace.

*You will know Feist from the latest MacBook Air and iPod touch ads. Yes, that's right, the girl whose CD I have been trying to get you to listen to since 2004. Yes, she is good. Yes, those Apple CEO's sure know how to pick a good one. Yes, I will lend you the CD. Just promise that you'll listen to me next time.


blabbermouth said...

Glad you enjoyed the album, keep spreading the love. Where did you buy it?

melbourne dreaming said...

Oh my god, busted by the artist himself!

Actually, the CD belongs to my flatmate (you should check out her stuff: but I love the album so much, I am going to buy my own copy from, unless you direct me otherwise!

blabbermouth said...

buy buy buy!!!
then tell your friends to buy buy buy!!!

say hi to gemma from me!

right back to ego surfing.


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