Monday, August 20, 2007

The Bipolar Weekend

I don't know where my head's at. Saturday was really good - I spent a happy afternoon shopping for food and household items which my flatmate mysteriously doesn't own (grater, collander, scales, wooden spoon), made a mean quiche, cracked open the bottle of champagne I had been hoarding since Christmas, had friends over for a dinner party, sung along to Nina Simone...

Sunday was not nearly so good. I spent a lonely afternoon taking the bus miles out to Ikea, wandering around in a daze through Ikea, spending money that I don't have in Ikea, and putting stuff together (wrongly) from Ikea. I did get a nice cushion out of it though, and my new clothes rack (which I eventually put together correctly) is way better than that rickety old swaying thing I had before, which probably would have collapsed under the weight of all my threads. The trouble with living in London is that clothes are just so cheap, so plentiful, so infinitely varied, that your wardrobe ends up becoming a textile dumping ground.

My flatmate was away all weekend, which was kind of good - I like my space - but by the end of Sunday I was starting to feel decidedly miserable. I didn't speak to anyone all day besides shop assistants, and that was the bare minimum in terms of human contact. At 9.30pm, my lowest point, I missed a call on my mobile from my brother in Sweden, and I didn't even have enough credit to call him back. He is even more broke than me, rubbing together his last two kroners.

We did exchange a couple of texts though, and that was enough to get by on. I think I need to get some kind of incredibly demanding and time-consuming hobby going.


susanna said...

i think i know the ikea you're talking about - is it up past willesden? somewhere north anyway, and huge and depressing and hard to get to (bus?). i spent a fairly soul-destroying, grey day up there once, buying lots of stuff i didn't need and couldn't afford. ikea is not a patch on good old JB hi fi in terms of retail therapy, is it?
i hope your week is better.

Anna said...

Good days and bad days. The good days are great! The bad days... not so much.

A hobby sounds like a great idea. I know having a few has helped me out so many times, especially when I first moved to Melbourne.

SabreOfParadise said...

Why are the London Ikea's in such depressing places? I've visited the Croydon one a couple of times, each time I go there a feeling of dread and depression comes over me - its as though the very environment radiates negative energy.

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