Saturday, September 02, 2006

Summer fades away

It has been a lot cooler lately, and I am getting that poignant "end of Summer" feeling. Somehow the transition seems gentler over here than at home, where the weather changes its mind almost constantly, and always dramatically, sometimes in the course of a single day. Still, it is kind of a sad feeling, mixed up with the dread of months spent indoors and hours of darkness closing in on the day.

However, there is a little, tiny, eensy part of me which is experiencing a hint of a thrill at the thought of experiencing Winter in London again (fourth time around - can you believe it?!). This year, I will definitely go ice-skating (it is one thing my boyfriend flat-out refuses to do, for the slightly lame excuse of his height. This also excuses him from horse-riding, apparently). I really miss roller-blading and ice-skating is the next best thing. Nothing beats that feeling of gliding along in graceful arcs, weight on your left, then on your right, as though the wheels/blades were a natural extension of your feet. So much smoother than walking.

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