Monday, March 27, 2006

That Monday feeling

Daylight savings begins today! Yay for more light in the evenings and less light waking me up at 5.30am every morning. Boo for having to get up an hour earlier today, though.

Very handily for all international jet-setters, daylight savings in Melbourne usually ends at the same time as it starts in the UK (making the time difference 9 hours instead of 11)- meaning, happily, that my window of opportunity to phone home is slightly wider. Good news when you have trouble getting up before 10 on the weekends.

On a completely different note, it occured to me recently while discussing my foray into blogging with my boyfriend, that maybe this venture is just a way of trying to come to terms with where I am at this point in my life. It seems to me that a lot of single/unmarried chicks around my age (approaching 30, since you ask) find themselves at this rather awkward age where you very slowly start to become aware of the glaring gap where you thought the husband/1.4 kids/family home would be.

Some women start throwing themselves into the gym (this could be literally any one of the women I work with); some take on slightly wacky new projects (hello!), some comfort-eat tubs of Ben & Jerry's on a nightly basis - heck, some probably attempt all 3 at once.

At least I still have the music to comfort me. Rabbit Fur Coat is brilliant new album by Jenny Lewis (with the Watson Twins on back up) - a sweetly subversive collection with big-hearted, faith-affirming vocals. I haven't been so excited about a new musical discovery since Martha Wainwright:

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